Wednesday, July 28, 2004

All cleaned up...

Ahhh... the satisfaction of a "house" in order. A "room" all cleaned up. Enough is enough of living with the "mess", though they be 'under the rug' and 'behind the curtains' and in places hardly noticeable or easy to overlook...enough is enough. Time to throw out the garbage, turn the tables over, wash the carpets, send the curtains for cleaning and clean every nook and cranny. No more excuses, no more tolerance, no more "just getting by".
And now that it's all done... with His leadership, companionship and ever-present help of course, great is the satisfaction... greater is the freedom, greater is the faith, greater still is the frienship with Him.

Monday, July 26, 2004

In the beginning...

This is dedicated to my one and only Lord and Saviour, Jesus. He has been and will always be the lover of my soul, the trustworthy shelter from the storm, the ever-forgiving and ever-faithful friend in whom I can find no fault in, the patient and all enduring Master, the gracious and merciful King... my brother, my friend, my Lord... there is and can be no other.