Monday, September 29, 2008

The subtlety of songs

i was suddenly thinking about one of my favourite songs that a friend a long long time ago introduced to me. The music is simple and the melody is soft and soothing and the lyrics (well, at least initially) seemed to have a rather sweet yet meaningful tone to it (not like some of the superficial cliche's of quite a majority of the songs these days). Anyways... i looked it up and here it is

Lily, my one and only

I can hardly wait till I see her

Silly, I know I'm silly

Cause I'm hanging in this tree

In the hopes that she will catch a glimpse of me

And thru her window shade

I watch her shadow move

I wonder if she.......?

Lily, my one and only

Love is in my heart and in your eyes

Will she or won't she want him

No one knows for sure

But an officer is knocking at my door

And thru her window shade

I watch her shadow move

I wonder if she could only see me?

And when I'm with her I feel fine

If I could kiss her I wouldn't mind the time it took to find

My lily, my one and only

I can hardly wait till I see her

Oh lily, I know you love me

Cause as they're draggin me away

I swear I saw her raise her hand and wave (goodbye)

by the Smashing Pumpkins

but... as i read through the lyrics and tried to remember the tune to the song i realised that hey, this song has more to it than what it seems. i've probably got to look it up and perhaps look at it again but after skimming through it a few times i realise that this song could very well be about a peeping tom who has this infatuation/obsession with someone. You think?

A stalker of sorts perhaps?

Man, and to think all this while i thought it's such a beautiful piece... fit for serenading someone (and that it is if you minus the lyrics and the message it's sending).

So ya,

i guess it brings the whole issue of really listening to what we're listening into perspective. i mean these days there's so much stuff just screaming out the radios and our television sets that we tend to after awhile drown out the details and just take in the generalities like it means nothing. "oh, that's a catchy tune" , "i just love the way that song sounds'...etc. But perhaps it's time to listen to not just the sounds but the words... to take heed of not just the melody but the message.

otherwise, for all you know you could be declaring to the next person you love that you're a stalker ;)

Overweight and out of shape

Yes, yes, i've finally got to admit it... i am overwieght and out of shape!

Funny that it took my new Wii Fit to drill it down deep into my head that it's about time to get serious about the whole getting fit thing (i know , i know, i'm a doctor and all and i should know better... just make sure you're not the pot calling the kettle black).

My BMI is 27 (to be fair, BMI [Body mass index], is not an absolutely accurate measurement as it does not discriminate very well between muscle mass and fat mass...but still, putting egos aside...).

So i've got to lose about 10kg or so... yikes!

Trouble is i'm such a food-maniac. Thanks to my wife who's been slowly 'training' me to eat slower and eat lesser (i absolutely love her tenacity with me) ... i would like to think i'm improving but man, do i have a long long way to go.

Need to exercise more.
More badminton (actually, just got to be more regular that's all)
More basketball (well, actually got to get back to playing it)
More Wii fit ;)

got to really count the calories from now on... so to speak.

But pork... well, i can still have my pork ;) hehe

Friday, September 26, 2008


i've heard so much about people's experiences and/or nightmares when it came to extracting their 'wisdom tooths'. i've been pretty skeptical and quite frankly cynical about their seemingly overvalued fears....
Well, that's of course till i had my very own experience with mine recently.

Of the bat there were some problems with mine:
1. It was growing horizontally
2. It was growing at an awkward angle
3. It was very deep seated in the jaw bone

And so, my dear dentist (who was very sweet and nice but admittedly new to all of this as she had only been working for the past 2 years or so...but still)... recommended an extraction in view of the eventual problems and possible complications i'd have with it. And so, bravely and without hesitation i said yes!

SO I was told that the procedure would take about an hour or so.. since mine was 'complicated'.

Mine took 3 hours.

I had three dentists look into my 'case' and get their hads dirty with it, including the chief of the unit. Well, let's just say it was far from pleasant. A lot of cutting into bone, a lot of drilling and a lot of pulling and pushing. But thanks be to God it eventually came out ( i was getting a tad bit worried because somewhere along the ordeal my dear dentist put up the possibility of 'closing up' first and having a second look in a weeks time.. to which i gave her a 'second look'..)

Well, 10 stitches and 3 days later and i'm feeling much much better.
Recovery is good and speedy (i would like to think).
In fact, i'm already enjoying all the food and pork i could possibly muster into this oral orifice of mine ;)

Finally, i identify with the multitudes who've had their own wisdom tooth experieces and through it... grown wiser ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On my mind...

I seem to be in a bit of quandary lately.. (not too sure if i'm using the word correctly .. will look it up later)... I'm in the midst of transition, which somehow seems to be the story of my life. I'm always 'transitioning'. Maybe it's part of the 'perfecting process', all part and parcel of the 'growing' that we all need to do... anyways.

Ya, I'm considering a change. Considering is not really the word... Praying is more like it

A change which i think would be for the better of course (hmmm sidenote: i think from now on i'll use a small case 'i' rather than the upper case ones... helps me acknowledge my 'place'). A change that would hopefully allow me to better serve the priorities and purposes that God has in store for me and my newly-formed family ;) but most of all for His Kingdom and its purposes.

i sometimes do wonder whether all this 'desire' for change is just a manifestation of my own restlessness and inability as it seems to 'keep still'.
Sometimes i wonder how much more do i have to learn when it comes to the lesson on patience... but then again for me to even ask such questions perhaps shows that the lesson is still far from learnt...

and so i wait.

Years later...

Well, 4 years or so to be exact...
Here I am in Labuan (which most people don't have a clue where on earth is this place... i really don't blame you)...
A medical officer (i.e. 'doctor'... for the uninitiated)...
A happily married man (my wife is wonderful)...
And somehow finding again the need to put down some thoughts on paper (well, you know what i mean)...

So ya, here we go again...
Let's give this another go ;)