Sunday, November 29, 2009

My wife...

is making me learn and realise more and more each day that it's not my 'skills' that impress and/or please her but rather my spirit, my soul.

What i can do per say takes a far second place as compared to who i am to her and how i am with her.

It doesn't matter what my talents are or how much i 'know'... what matters is how much i care.

And so i'm learning to stop fretting over how 'good' i am and can be at what i do and start focusing more on how good a husband, lover, friend, partner and leader i am and can be to her.

No point being a 'good' anything if i fail to be a good husband.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Season 5 has been the most nerve-wrecking yet!

Not because it's necessarily filled with loads of 'cliff- hangers' or 'keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your- seat' action sequences (although it does have a gingerly balanced portion of them both) but because it feeds you with the answers that you've been craving for all this while... but only enough to leave you even thirstier for more!

This is really turning out to be one of THE BEST stories i've ever 'experienced' yet.

It's deeply engrossing and superbly intricate and yet only grows in its appeal without ever taking the intelligence of those watching for granted.

Yes, the story does deal with its own fair share of complex concepts but boy, oh boy, do they do it with ever so much care and attention to detail... it's hard to completely 'lose' your way through it.

And i think this is one of the most original and unique standpoints in dealing with the whole issue of time-travel.

Pure genius.

Perhaps the only downside after having watched Season 5... is that Season 6 isn't immediately available ;)