Sunday, February 13, 2011

A poem i wrote once for my Bao Bei ;)

While packing our stuff up to get ready to move i came across this card i gave to Ling easily 5 years or more ago which had in it a poem i wrote.

Here it is:

"Better than bright sunshine on a lazy Saturday morning,
Your smile greets me
With warmth that puts the Sun himself to shame,
Your smile soothes me
More than the finest array of a buffet breakfast,
Your smile fills me
That cup of coffee to get me going can never compare to,
Your smile encourages me
Sweeter than music are the words that come from your mouth as you utter them with
Your smile that comforts me
And as i face the world, in all its strife and all its insensitivity, it's
Your smile that moves me, inspires me

And yes, sometimes the day diminishes to nothing more than a dismal drear... but
Your smile reminds me
Of my hopes and dreams, of victories past and conquests present, of songs yet to be sung and stories yet to be told
Of the wonderful things i have yet to behold
And even through the mistakes that i sometimes make,
As i stumble, fail and falter,
Your smile reassures me
Of the God who is greater
Than my aspirations and fears
Than the laughter and the tears
Than success that gladdens and failure that sears
Your smile infuses me
With hope, with strength, with peace
With confidence to brace the stormy seas
Your smile releases me
To be the man that i'm meant to be
To be myself
To enjoy life and all that God has in store for me
Your smile teaches me
That life was never meant to be taken too seriously
That there's always time to stop and savour
Each waking moment, each God given hour
That the best time is NOW
and that i don't always need to have the answers
To when, why, who, what or how
Your smile is a gift
A token that i'll forever keep with me
A testament to God's goodness, grace and mercy
But more than all of this
Your smile manifests
The abundant love God has for you
The love that you have for God
And the love that you have for me
Your smile i'll always remember
Even if we haven't seen each other
Or spoken for awhile
All i've got to do is to close my eyes
And picture you
And then
i smile."