Sunday, November 29, 2009

My wife...

is making me learn and realise more and more each day that it's not my 'skills' that impress and/or please her but rather my spirit, my soul.

What i can do per say takes a far second place as compared to who i am to her and how i am with her.

It doesn't matter what my talents are or how much i 'know'... what matters is how much i care.

And so i'm learning to stop fretting over how 'good' i am and can be at what i do and start focusing more on how good a husband, lover, friend, partner and leader i am and can be to her.

No point being a 'good' anything if i fail to be a good husband.


Ling said...

So sweet bao bei :) I love you.

Lissa said...

Very true, that. God bless. :)

Love is the most important thing in life said...

that is the sweetest thing i have ever heard.May god bless you and the family annae.Hope you guys will be really happy