Friday, September 26, 2008


i've heard so much about people's experiences and/or nightmares when it came to extracting their 'wisdom tooths'. i've been pretty skeptical and quite frankly cynical about their seemingly overvalued fears....
Well, that's of course till i had my very own experience with mine recently.

Of the bat there were some problems with mine:
1. It was growing horizontally
2. It was growing at an awkward angle
3. It was very deep seated in the jaw bone

And so, my dear dentist (who was very sweet and nice but admittedly new to all of this as she had only been working for the past 2 years or so...but still)... recommended an extraction in view of the eventual problems and possible complications i'd have with it. And so, bravely and without hesitation i said yes!

SO I was told that the procedure would take about an hour or so.. since mine was 'complicated'.

Mine took 3 hours.

I had three dentists look into my 'case' and get their hads dirty with it, including the chief of the unit. Well, let's just say it was far from pleasant. A lot of cutting into bone, a lot of drilling and a lot of pulling and pushing. But thanks be to God it eventually came out ( i was getting a tad bit worried because somewhere along the ordeal my dear dentist put up the possibility of 'closing up' first and having a second look in a weeks time.. to which i gave her a 'second look'..)

Well, 10 stitches and 3 days later and i'm feeling much much better.
Recovery is good and speedy (i would like to think).
In fact, i'm already enjoying all the food and pork i could possibly muster into this oral orifice of mine ;)

Finally, i identify with the multitudes who've had their own wisdom tooth experieces and through it... grown wiser ;)

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