Thursday, November 27, 2008

ok ok... no more 'toys' ;)

yup, i got my macbook! ;)

i decided to go for the macbook white instead of the new macbook because the price dropped substantially and it seemed far more affordable. Also, i always liked the macbook white design better ;) so, that's what i did. i got the macbook white and for some added 'ooomph' i upgraded the RAM to 4GB ;) hehehe

anyways, like i said. 

No more toys.

Got to save more to buy my children theirs'  ;) hehehe


Ben-ji said...

Congrats bro!
hahaha! i'm no doctor, but news travel fast! hahaha!

sbanboy said...

Macbook rocks bro !!!!

Dr V said...

ya, i know! =)