Monday, November 03, 2008

How did ‘we’ find out?

i find food utterly fascinating.


i mean, think about it, the next time you sink your teeth into a banana or gobble down a bowl of rice or slurp up a dish of noodles you’ve got to sit back and wonder for awhile how on earth did people find out that this was edible let alone come up with a concoction of a ‘recipe’ to make it taste so good.

Think about it.

Who ever found out that kangkung would be nice to eat (with belacan of course)? i mean the thing literally looks and smells like a ‘cousin’ to the average grass. Who was the daredevil that figured out that potatoes (the stuff that you quite literally dig out from the ground) would be so versatile in its culinary functions.
And rice!
Man, have you seen the raw form of rice? You know, 'padi'??? How in the world did people ever discover that it was edible, much more than that, come up with a means and method of processing and cooking it?
Cooking itself is such a fascinating discovery. How did we come up with the ideas of adding water to stuff and mixing them together and putting them over fires or just setting them over open flames while pouring other mixtures over them?
It’s genius!

No, it’s ingenius!

These guys/girls deserve 'Nobel prizes' each!

i’ve got to probably do some background research on some of these things… cos’ the more i think about it the more it blows my mind away.

p/s: My hypothesis about how ‘we’ (as in humans) discovered the banana was an edible fruit is that one daring individual after observing monkeys have their way with the banana and eating them decided to try it out himself and therefore discovered it to be quite the delectable fruit indeed.
Just a guess ;)

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