Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Natural born chef

Ling is an excellent cook!


All things considered... the fact that she only started cooking ever since we moved to Labuan, that she doesn't have any formal training whatsoever, that she hardly has any experience at all prior (honestly, i don't think there was a time at all that i remember her cooking when we were dating, courting or engaged), that she's not the type who's really into food (at least not the way i am... although i do have to say i've influenced her somewhat...hehe) and that it's not like she has all the time in the world either to 'explore' or 'experiment'.

And despite all that, she manages (to be fair, not always but often enough) come up with stuff that just leaves me wondering - How on Earth does she come up with this? (and i mean that in the best way possible).


She disappears into the kitchen, whips up something that she vaguely feels will work and then, almost as if it were totally expected, comes out with a dish (or dishes) that is more than a pleasant surprise.

i don't know where she gets her inspiration. Definitely not me. Cos' all i've contributed, other than being the designated 'food-critic', is to clean up and help her wash up after. Which comes naturally cos' it stems from a gratitude for all the effort she put in (which most of the time translates to surprisingly wonderful results).

And i don't know where she finds the energy. i mean, she comes back from a long day at the clinic and most of the time even in between during lunch and really, out of a initiative and interest on her part starts 'working' at stuff in the kitchen... and she seems to enjoy it!

Again, i'm utterly grateful.

Sure, she isn't Nigella...

But hey, at the rate she's going i won't be surprised that in no time she'll be dishing up stuff that could put Nigella to the test ;)

well... maybe not.. but i'd like to think so ;)


IvJoy said...

chehwah... punya main manis..

once u r a happy cook and have confident over wat u r cooking.. the dish should come out great..

so.. we r waiting for a full course dinner to be served.. solely cook by our dear Ling.. ;)

Dr V said...

yup yup... we should . one day soon hopefully ;)