Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally… and yet…

i’ve not been paid my salary for the past 6 and a half months. That’s right. No typo there. SIX AND A HALF MONTHS!

Ever since i left my previous hospital where i did my housemanship by which in doing so i sort of changed ‘ministry’, i.e. from the ministry of education to the ministry of health proper (don’t ask me the details cos’ i really don’t understand it myself), i have been, as such, victim to the paperwork that so ensues of which the by-product is – DELAY!

Most of all, a delay in me getting my money.

So yes, i’ve been working for the past 6 and half months here in Labuan with absolutely no salary. How i survive? By the grace of God. In fact, the goodness of God is thereby more apparent because despite such dire circumstances with regards to my regular income, i’ve managed to fully pay for the wedding (with surplus… lots of it) and make a home out of the place we live in here in Labuan (which includes a 42 inch flat screen LCD TV, a home theatre system, a Nintendo Wii, a washing machine and dryer combination, a fridge, a king sized bed, etc. etc- you know, the necessities …hehehe).

To God be the glory!

Nevertheless, in principle it’s downright wrong for such a ‘delay’ to take place in the line of work i’m in (in any line of work for that matter). How in the world does the ministry of health (or whichever that’s to blame) expect me to uproot myself, reside and work in an altogether new place, hundreds of miles away from home for 6 months with no salary?


Finally this month, after much waiting, i’ve got my payslip stating the amount i’m getting as a lump-sum. But, mind you i said payslip because when i checked my bank account there was no money yet to be seen.

But that’s not the icing on the cake (not too sure if i can even afford icing…or cake). What’s even more peculiar and a huge pain in my… pocket…is the fact that apparently my previous hospital made a mistake with their calculations (mistakes…mistakes… that’s all that they can tell me… without apologies or rectifications at that). Somehow, they miscalculated my salary and ‘over paid’ me by 1 month. And they’re asking for that sum of money back. The thing is, as far as i can remember and as far as i know (honestly, i’ve got to check my bank statement again) there is no such sum of money banked into my account. But they insist that the transaction has taken place.

So now that i have my money (in theory... since all i have to go with is a payslip)…i can’t even have it in peace because i’ve got to look into this financial mess. i’ve got to clarify and clear it.

And all this is not at all due to a mistake, delay or omission on my part. None whatsoever. It’s all them and they readily admit to it (again without remorse…to the contrary… quite rudely)… but who pays the price for their mistakes… ME!


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