Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Could I have a bit of rice with my pork please? (never the other way around)

i have a serious love for pork. No joke. i absolutely love it. Just thinking about a good dish of pork makes my mouth water and my stomach growl.



Crispy and ceramalised on the outside and oh, so tender and exquisitely soft on the inside with just the right amount of ‘chew’ in it to make you crave for the next bite and savour the taste that follows.


And it’s so versatile. It tastes delicious be it fried, simmered, roasted, barbequed, smoked, broiled… no matter how you cook it (at least the myriad of ways thus far that i’ve tried) it’s fantastic.

And not to mention the wonderful flavours and textures each part of the pig lavishes on your taste buds.

One of my ultimate favourites – ‘HUA ROU” or literally translated as “Flower Meat”.
Yum! Yum!
It practically covers the entire ‘extent’ of pork and it’s available flavours. From skin to bone with lots of tender delectable meat and a generous layer of superb scrumptious fat (let me stop for a second to wipe the drool of my chin).
It’s the ‘mother’ of all meats in my opinion.

Pork, glorious pork!

*Anybody who’s thinking of getting me a birthday gift – if i may suggest, get me some real good char siew or siew yoke or even better yet BOTH and i’ll be the happiest birthday boy around*


Ellie said...

Hey Dr V! I never thought u'd be a blogger what with your busy schedule! Lols. Found your blog through Daniel's. And i is love porkies too! :D Can't wait to go back to that dimsum place with marmite pork ribs. Mmmmm.

Anyways, hope you and Ling are well in Labuan! See you guys again soon? :)

Take care! :)

chernliang said...

Come. We go Pudu for roast pork, then Tengkat Tongshin for charsiew.


Dr V said...

ya bro, next time i'm down we better go!

Edwin Ong said...


I feel you bro, i feel you.... =)

Edwin Ong said...

Bro, come back to KL soon and we your brothers are ever-ready to cure your pork-deprivation. =)

"together we serve you better... let us make you smile"


... i know.. so lame, but couldn't help it xP

Dr V said...

hahahaha... i think that joke is reserved for the select few who went to KK ;) even then not many may remember or even know it.

But still hilarious =)