Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How slow can you go…

It’s funny (not in a humourous kind of way but rather in an annoyingly peculiar kind of fashion) that despite the fact that we’re living in an age of high-speed broadband, super-computers, satellite tv and transmissions, globalization on every front including communications, multi-functional and high capacity phones and gadgets… a time of cutting-edge technology and all-advanced know-how with an ever increasing value in human capital and resources… the ‘speed’ and efficiency at which we work with is still defined by the ‘person’.
Yes, no point having all that technology in the palm of your hand and all that speed at your disposal if your hand ain’t gonna MOVE any time soon.


i speak of such things because i find and am personally frustrated with the condition and circumstances revolving around bureaucracy and paperwork (and in my case, specific to the ministry of the government i serve in). It just takes ages to get one simple thing done!
My salary was a perfect example… but this isn’t just about that (because at long last i’ve got it).
i’m utterly disappointed and to a certain extent even disgusted with the way and the rate things ‘move’. Honestly, what’s the point of all the facilities and all the ‘power’ if the individual in possession of it fails to use it and use it to its best.

It’s a shame really.
It all boils down to our attitudes doesn’t it.

Let me be clearer in what i’m getting at (cos’ i’ve been told that my blog entries although insightful can be rather vague in what exactly their addressing).

Right now, i’m waiting. Yes, waiting. Why do i always seem to be waiting???

Anyway, i’m waiting for the Ministry of Defence to get back to me. You see, it’s always been a desire of mine to serve in the military (i’ll possibly tackle the reasons why in another entry one of these days… just take my word for it for now). And all the more so since it appears that overall the likelihood of ending up in KL and specifically back in ACTS is much much higher (or so it seems). So i wrote to them. And yes, initially they were quick to reply. In fact, in government terms they were super fast … almost moving at the speed of light (i.e. a few days in ‘government-time’) and i was pleased. Very pleased. Finally something’s moving at the speed and efficiency that it should be.
Later on, and in fact very soon after (you see i tend to move very quickly myself) my wife and i went personally to meet the people in-charge and again things seem to be going quick and smooth.
Now my ‘case’ is being handled by some sergeant who’s supposed to look into the details further (with regards to the paperwork) and push things through. And it’s all been left hanging…
And so i wait…
And wait…
And wait…
And it really doesn’t help that compounding the issue is that my ‘case’ is hanging in the balance of technicality! (i’ll express my grouses on that matter some other time too)
God, why is patience such a weakness of mine?
A lesson i’ve always needed to learn.
i admit to it and submit to You and Your timing. For You are not slow as man define slowness.

But still, i pray … teach ‘others’ (and You know who i mean) diligence and excellence and purge from them procrastination and non-chalance….
… i humbly ask …
HeHe ;)

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Shirley said...

We're praying & believing with you & Ling, bro! :D