Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yes… I know I’m lagging ;)

i’ve only just watched “Iron Man”! Yes, believe your ears. Guess, that’s what working as a doctor and living in a place like Labuan does to you… it makes you ‘lag’… big time!
Anyway, it was such a thrill ride in my opinion. Enjoyed it immensely. Sure, there’s not much of a character development (perhaps i’m the emo type who would have liked to see the compassion and righteous anger shine through a bit more especially after the turn of events involving Tony Stark’s accomplice Yinsen)… but hey, do you really expect a lot of philosophy and life lessons from a movie based on a comic book character. i think not.
Still, it had a real good dose of humour, action, eye-candy and ‘wow’ in it to keep me at the edge of my seat.
And, i’m more and more convinced with every movie i watch that Jeff Bridges (the guy who played Obadiah...i think that's his name) is just a fantastic actor. Loved him in "The Big Lebowski'. Makes me wonder if i'd shave my head bald and keep a goatie when i'm in my 50s. Looks awesome! hehe

Overall, this movie is a whole lot of 'cool' and i dare say is one of the best movies Marvel has produced thus far (sorry Spiderman fans).

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