Friday, October 17, 2008


i was just thinking about it and i started wondering what would i do if i’m bored (which by the way, happens more often than i would like here in Labuan) and there was nothing to stop me from doing absolutely anything i wanted. i started imagining… what if i had billions and trillions of dollars (well, pounds would be better)… basically money was no issue… i had all the time in the world (no job or obligations or commitments)… and i had all the means necessary at my disposal (logistics was not a problem at all)… what would i do? (now this is under the premise that the motivation is pure boredom so let's put aside all the 'causes' and noble pursuits for awhile ya)

So i thought i’d come up with a list (just to entertain my wild imagination… see this is what happens when you’re bored) and in no particular order… cos’ like i said time was not an issue so therefore all are of equal priority:
*by the way, it’s sort of understood that everything listed is under the premise that it’s done together with my wife unless otherwise stated*

1. i’d go to Disneyland (the one in Florida cos’ i heard that’s the best one) and try out every single ride there is. Twice.

2. i’d go to Koh Samui and enrol myself in their short term Thai cuisine culinary school then come back and throw a huge dinner for my family and close friends with me being the chef for the night.

3. i’d watch a live Broadway musical. In Broadway.

4. i’d learn Mandarin

5. i’d learn Tamil

6. i’d go to Dallas Theological Seminary and get my degree in Theological studies

7. i’d buy a brand new home and spend the time furnishing and redesigning it’s interior (and exterior)

8. i’d get a dog (perhaps a Great Dane and I’d call him ‘Sergeant’)

9. i’d train the dog myself

10. i’d get my motorcycle license and get myself a brand new Harley and just ride it across the country (Malaysia –there’s still so much too Malaysia to appreciate and enjoy don’t you think?)

11. i’d go on a non-stop ‘makan trip’ with all my friends who are really ‘kaki makan’ (which includes my wife, in case you were wondering)

12. i’d learn to surf

13. i'd start a restaurant. One that serves Asian-fusion cuisine. Always loved the idea of owning my own restaurant which i could very well use for my own private use whenever i wanted to. Pure indulgence, not for profit.

okay, i've run out of ideas for now... boredom only gets you so far huh? ;)

well, will extend the list the next time i get a severe bout of boredom

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