Thursday, October 02, 2008

Quotable quotes?

Now, i love movies. i'm quick to admit that i'm not really the hobby kind but i do have this habit of buying and collecting original vcds and dvd of movies that i love and movies that i'm willing to give a go (cos' in my experience there are times when you come across 'gems' that have somehow been unnoticed by the common public eye).

So, every now and then especially when my wife and i get the chance to go back to KL, we'll visit our regular store that not only sells a good range and selection of original vcds and dvds but also sells vcds and dvds that have been previously viewed (they also rent you see) at very low prices. This category of viewed/used videos are usually the ones where i take the risk of exploring unchartered waters into the realm of the 'less known' to venture and see if i do come across something more than worthwhile. So with only the look of the cover, a 'gut' feeling and a skim through the synopsis, my wife and i decide on the titles we want to take on.

From the fact that i have not much to go by in making such decisions, quotes by supposedly reknown magazines and reviewers about the movie and the fact whether it's been nominated or won any awards prior (Academy awards or otherwise)... really weighs heavily in favour of or not with regards to whether the movie is worth my time.

but, i've changed my mind about that from here on in...

After having enough encounters with movies quoted as "Stunning!", "Absolutely hilarious", "A masterpiece!" on and so forth... where instead i've only to found them dull, boring, empty and a pathetic attempt at being even vaguely meaningful, i've lost hope in these so-called experts.

Nominations and awards count for nuts too!

i mean i've had numerous instances where movies have either won or been nominated for numerous awards (even the "Oscars") only to be left wondering what on earth did the people on the reviewing board have in mind when watching them.

i feel cheated.

Robbed of my trust and faith in the persons and organisations that are supposed to be the voice of sound judgement and impeccable taste.


Forget about reading those synopses!

Forget about all those remarks and quotes and comments!

Forget about even the reviews on newspapers/websites and magazines!

i'm deaf to them!

From now on it's gonna be my 'gut' feeling and the opinion of like-minded person(s) - movie enthusiasts like me with similar tastes (very good taste at that... at least i would like to think).

Setting forth in my "adventures" to find and collect rare and valuable treasures of a movie... taking my own risks on my own account.

Cos' at least when i've made the decision on my own and suffered from it... i'm willing to pay the price of learning from my own mistakes.

Otherwise, i demand payment from the people who've led me to believe.


Tshing Teng said...

Alright! You're on cyberspace!

Dr V said...

yup, i so am ;)

Anonymous said...

hey dr.v...
hv u watched to kill a mocking bird? old muvi but worth all the time in the world...
also amazing grace...
and crash...
of course we all know forest gump n beautiful mind are gud muvis as well..

oh yeah dun forget the godfather 1 n 2...3 is quite boring...and scarface!!!!! oh my..isnt tony hot??? smokin hot!!