Monday, October 13, 2008


Now, if you want a movie that starts a discussion (and i mean a 'real' one, not the type that's about who you thought was sexiest and which action sequence was the best, although for some movies that's really all you can talk about)... this movie is definitely the one to get one going.

Save for the profanity and explicit dialogue (which i honestly feel stays true to the characters and the circumstance it's set in and as such is "appropriate"... unlike the mindless, pointless swearing you sometimes see, you know, for the sake of it)... there's a lot that this movie sparks in you.

You move from the initial comfort of black and white to the untoward and somewhat foreboding realm of the 'grey'.

For those of us who stand strong in our principles of right and wrong (i would like to think of myself as one in this category... only because i've faced the consequences of my own vacillating time and again) the movie doesn't really question them but rather sets them in the perspectives in which they are many a times challenged. Where the answer may be simple but far from 'easy'. In fact, the movie deals with issues of right and wrong and how although we know it, many a time it's far too difficult to actually follow through with what we know.

Above and beyond that it also deals with the whole area of is doing the right thing always gonna lead to actually any 'good'. Is doing the right thing the 'best' thing. i know it sounds like a riddle but watch the movie and then you'll get what i mean.

i hate to give away anything in a movie. Especially one i'm recommending. So, tell you what... grab a hold of it... watch it and see for yourself if your not stirred to think. Stirred to consider. Stirred to ask yourself some hard and honest questions. To face some hard realities and admit to the difficulties they entail.

Talk about intense.

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