Friday, October 17, 2008

One of my favourites

Yes, yes, you can call me 'kiddy' all you want but i am an absolute fan of 'Cooking Master Boy'.

Sure, it's old school in terms of the animation and the graphics are nothing to shout about but i tell you what a concept and what creativity. It's ingenious in my opinion at least.

It has some of the best elements i personally favour... food, cooking and an engrossing storyline. One of the most fascinating features however is how the story seems to come up with very 'logical' reasonings behind the fantastical and realistically impossible (although most of the time it leaves you wondering if it were) culinary feats.

It's easy on the brain but yet piques just the right amount of curiousity and interest without leaving you numbed or exhausted by the anxiousness.

And talk about throwing curve balls!

For a 'simple' story (which it essentially is), it sure does throw in a lot of unexpected (and i really do mean unexpected) twists... and not too far-fetched ones at that.

My only wonder is why isn't there a sequeal (although i must say that i prefer series that conclude at a definite point without any prolongation or procrastination to its ending - i hate series that just go on and on).

Anyways, if you're willing to take some risks and break-away from the 'usual' popular crowd pleasers amongst anime and are willing to take some queer looks for your choice... you won't be disappointed =)

C'mon, develop some personality and taste of your own. Forget what people may think or how they may look at you for that matter.

Even if it does mean you're gonna sound a little childish ;)

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