Sunday, October 12, 2008

Highly recommended

i figured that since i'm quite the movie enthusiast and after my recent ranting over how you can't trust all the comments and quotes that you read on the backs of the vcd and dvd covers... hey, why not i give some input of my own. Perhaps it'll shed some light on some of the movies that i've found worth watching. Not a review. Just a recommendation.
that way, people can learn from my mistakes rather than make their own. And for the skeptics, well, at least they'll be making an informed mistake ;)
so ya.
i'm beginning to appreciate more and more what i watch. In the sense that, i'm no longer that interested in movies that are just pure eye-candy or 'adrenaline-rush' -ers (think i created a new term just right there)... although i have to admit that i do indulge myself every now and then... but nowadays i feel that movies should do far more than entertain. They should educate, enlighten, inspire... they should provoke us to thinking (and not numb us to it)... they should move us to aspire for the better...
In this multimedia age it is inevitable and practically unavoidable to be influenced by even the slightest degree (if we're honest with ourselves) by what we see and hear. So i say, rather than avoid multimedia all together.. why not filter and use it to our advantage. You know, be selective. Choose that which builds up and edifies and adds value rather than just "take everything in".
Anyway, back to this movie.
It's fantastic.
Inspiring to say the least.
In fact, to the point that it may make you and i consider becoming teachers ourselves.
And the best part about it (which is something i particularly enjoy about the movies i watch), it's based on a true story.
It deals with some hard but real issues and in a very much in your face manner but at the same time with just the right amount of tact and grace.
It doesn't shove principles and morals down your throat but rather opens up the opportunity to explore these issues and realities ourselves.
Can be intense (i cried a couple of times) but appropriately so. i mean who doesn't like a good cry now and then right (especially when it's more of the touching sort rather than the sad and depressed kind).
So simply put. Watch it. And tell me if you weren't inspired.


Joel Loi said...

Agreed. It is highly recommended. One of the best movies I've watched this year :)

Anonymous said...

hey dr.v...
u shud read the book...
way better than the muvi...

Dr V said...

thanks for the heads up but sadly i don't really read fiction ;)
rather watch fiction ;)