Thursday, October 09, 2008


i've been having this real urge to go on holiday somewhere with my wife, Ling. i think it would be splendid (man, how British does that sound!) cos' ling is really the outgoing type and a joy to be with and explore new things and places with.

Cos' i think one of THE most important things about travelling is not so much the destination but the COMPANY.

i mean, i've been on a trip to Spain and also a tour round parts of Indonesia including Lake Toba but i have to admit that i hated it. Simply because of the lousy and downright boring company (shall not volunteer the details of who in particular to blame... take a guess).

and i hate tours.

i hate the experience of having everything (almost) decided for you and eating and visiting all the overly-commercialised and overly-tourist-oriented food and places.

Especially when i'm the type who loves going on mission trips where you eat, travel and live as the locals do. All the more i tend to detest the whole idea of having everything dressed-up for tourists.

i mean even in Malaysia just how many of these tourist spots do we frequent ourselves? How many of these tourist places which supposedly serves the best in terms of food and the like do we as Malaysians even visit? (simply because we've found places that are leaps and bounds better)

ok ok... i think i'm quite clear on where i stand on this whole issue of tours.

Now, back to the "holiday".

So ya, i've been looking out for possible places to visit. Once this December and again for our anniversary in August of next year. i'm thinking of slowly extending the borders in time, i.e. first somewhere nearer to Malaysia, then South-east Asia, then Asia, then maybe Australasia, Europe and maybe then North America.

Hopefully, time and finance permits (God-willing).

Anyways, in the near future (this December) i've boiled it down to either a trip up to Thailand or somewhere nearby with a group of close friends (they've been saying we really need to to a trip somewhere of some kind) or else Ling and i will be going to Singapore post-Christmas.


Familiar (lived there for about 5 years or so) yet it's been a long time since i've re-visited the country (maybe about 5 years).

It's nearby (just a drive/train away).

Relatively cost-effective.

And i think it's a good place to start our travelling streak.

whatever the case, i'm just really looking forward to having fun with my wife (she's a whole lot of fun herself) and experiencing all this new things together. Creating new memories of our own together.

Really looking forward to it.

So, once some things are more or less settled with regards to logistics and placement (that's a whole other story), i'm definitely gonna start the ball rolling.

World, here we come!

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daniel lee said...

yo brooooooo!! i'm gonna link your blog on mine. and finally today i'm meeting the previous landlord to get our moolah back! will sms you for you bank details and all that soon!