Thursday, January 15, 2009

Along the same lines...

My previous post sparked an issue which i thought was worth a bit more investigation and here's what i came up with:

The McClintock Effect

or sometimes known as 'Menstrual Synchrony' (also sometimes known as the 'Dormitory Effect')

So yes, as the name suggests (and i've sort of got wind of such a phenomenon prior to this) is the hypothesis that the menstrual cycles of women living together for example in prisons, convents, dormitories and the like tend to become synchronized over time.

This 'phenomenon' which sometimes has been referred to as the 'social regulation of ovulation' has been postulated to have a pheromone basis by a psychologist named Martha McClintock.

Having said all that however, apparently there have been deficiencies in the theory and study as propagated by McClintock and generally speaking the scientific community has sort of discounted the 'phenomenon' as invalid.

*most of the information is what i made sense out of an article in Wikipedia.. like i said i just did a 'bit' of investigating ;) *




pitamos said...

oh yes! my colleague recently pointed out that she and i alwaaayys happen to go thru our monthly cycles at almost the same time! now i noe how to identify that situation...

thank you for the enlightenment, dr. V! ;)

send my best regards to dr. Ling and baby! :)

- Debs the fashionista, ACTS

Dr V said...

will do deborah ;)

hey, i'm surprised to discover that you read my blog =)
take care and see you during CNY ;)