Thursday, January 22, 2009

i must be dreaming...

Not too sure if i've mentioned this before but i dream a lot.


Now i don't mean the aspirations and ambitions kind of dreaming but the kind that you get when you sleep and believe you me, i dream sooooooooo often.

in fact, i would go so far as to say that every single time i sleep (even if it's just a nap or i happen to doze off like on the plane or something) i am bound to dream about something or other.

Can't remember the last time i slept without ever having a single dream!
Is it just me?

Is my brain playing tricks on me and going into overdrive when it should be using the time to recuperate and rest instead??

Is it a manifestation of some unsettled and unresolved 'issues' within my subconscious that's crying out for attention?

Is it some sign or gift of foretelling what things may come?

i honestly don't know.

All i know is that i've been having this 'problem' ever since i was a teen or younger and it hasn't let up.

Maybe its getting worse cos' these days i seem to be having a whole bunch of dreams all wrapped in one during those few hours of sleep that i get.

Sure, it's interesting i guess but i do wake up the next day feeling kind of worned out because of all the 'activity' in my dreams. You know, some of them can be pretty physical (i know what you're thinking.. i don't mean that!)... like running and swimming and even flying!

Sometimes i revisit 'old dreams'.

Sometimes i dream about something.. suddenly get up.. and when i get back to sleep my previous dream continues from where it left off.

What's going on with me?

Previously i used to think that most if not all of my dreams had some kind of significance attached to them. Either they were a way of 'warning' me of what's impending or a clue as to what i'm thinking and feeling deep inside that i may not want to come to terms with.

And perhaps sometimes they are.

But now, more and more, as i notice that my dreams are becoming pretty absurd and illogical i'm thinking maybe there is no basis for them at all... maybe they don't mean anything.

i know of people who take their dreams pretty seriously and perhaps even read too much into them. Maybe it's because they don't dream too often and so when they do get that occasional dream they feel almost certainly that it has to carry some important message or sign with it.

But how about the people like me (if there really are people like me) who dream all the time?

It can't be that every single dream has a hidden meaning right? And what if those dreams contradict each other? What if there's more than one... which one carries more importance?


i think too much.


maelstrom said...

Pharaoh, should we summon the counselor, psychiatrist and dream guru?


Driems said...

Like you, I dream a lot ;) and sometimes I do take my dream seriously, well, I used to. I've always wonder what deeper meanings are there in a dream.
A Warning?
A Divine Message? lol

I'm learning to write them all off as nothing more than fantasies you should enjoy in your sleep :P
But you know what? People who think too much are usually dreamers ;)

Dr V said...

ya, chernliang ;) they'll probably interpret them as having something to do with my "underlying sexual insecurities" ;)

Dr V said...

ya man... we thinkers need to learn to chill ;)

nana said...

i dream a ton too! like almost every night, and similar to what you dream about!

alot of times i'm running as fast as i can (for some reason, i'm always being chased instead of chasing someone), i've dreamt of the flying thing (on a broomstick?!), and many times they're nightmares (snakes (gross gross ridiculously afraid of them), which is a recurring theme, or some are just plain morbid, which i'd rather not tell you about.

i really wish i wouldn't dream so much.

Dr V said...

haha =) you know in some cultures dreaming about snakes could mean wedding bells around the corner for the 'index dreamer' ;)

so make sure i get an invitation when the time comes hehe ;)