Monday, January 12, 2009

We all are a little obsessive-compulsive... or aren't we?

Here are just some of the many traits that probably fit into the aforementioned category and perhaps cross-over into a few others ;)

1. i usually need to double check that my car doors are locked, even if it's just immediately after i press the remote to lock them.

2. i, more often that anybody should, check that all my windows are wound up... sometimes up to 3 or 4 times while driving.

3. i also have this sense (that usually proves false... but ocassionally proves true.. which only worsens matters) that one or more of the car tyres have run out of air or is/are punctured.

*why are there so many involving cars?*

4. i have this urge/need to check my 'fly' every now and then. It stems out of a pretty irrational fear that somehow it has been left open or has come undone on its own.

5. i always (and i mean ALWAYS) keep my sms inbox, sent folder, deleted messages folder and even saved messages (i hardly save any) clear and empty.

6. Same goes for my e-mail.

7. When birds are in the vicinity, i feel like i'm going to be the target of attack... as peculiar as it sounds i know.

8. i used to defragment and do virus scans on my laptop more frequently than any normal person should (this was when i used a PC).

9. i scan my thumbdrive everytime on my PC for viruses before inserting it into my Macbook although i know that the viruses won't take effect on my Mac (or would they???)

10. i always (well, maybe not always) feel like there's 'gunk' in the corners of my eyes (just typing it made me check...twice).

There's probably more... but i think i've freaked out whoever's reading this enough ;
so that'll do for now.

Thank God i'm married.

And my wife loves me just as i am... obsessiveness and all.

then again, she has her share too ;)


nana said...

HAHAHAHA (yes there are alot about cars?!)

no. 7 is because you are tall! it makes sense. (mine is that i feel like they will poop on me, and that's happened THREE times. once when i was cycling too (what were the chances?!?!))

Dr V said...

okay.. you've just aggravated my paranoia... thanks a lot! ;) hehe

Amelia said...

hahahah! I found another OCD person. I'm worse.....