Sunday, January 18, 2009


i've discovered new units of measurement that apply and are of particular relevance to Labuan.

it's called 'freakin-months', 'freakin-days', 'freakin-weeks' and 'freakin-years'.

i've been working here in Labuan for the past 9 'freakin-months'.


sorry la... i've got to vent out somewhere right?


Anonymous said...

i bet you must be asking..
'God.. why am i here for??'
every single day in Labuan.

if God says 'with a purpose my son'
would then your days/weeks/months/years be 'freaking...' still??

what would God's response be then?

Dr V said...

To anonymous:

Point taken (in fact, it's been noted ever since i came to know Christ quite a while back - cos' i've had my share of 'pits' and 'prisons' and 'Potiphar's house').

knowing God and trusting Him doesn't necessarily mean we don't 'feel' the way we do and ask the questions we feel.
Remember David.
Remember even Jesus.
But what matters and means more is that despite the questions and feelings ... we still choose to trust and follow Him.

you may think that better is the man who never asks questions, i say better is the man who asks and yet obeys.