Sunday, December 21, 2008


One of the many areas that i know i need to work on is having my ‘head screwed on tight’.  Well, at least tighter than it used to be ;)

i think it is a problem of mine (and I would like to think most people…hey, i’ve got an ego too you know… hehe) that i get a tad bit too ‘emotional’. Now, i don’t just mean the whole “i cried watching that scene” (although that does tend to happen to me more often nowadays than before come to think of it). What i do mean is that more often than i would like, my feelings seem to motivate and drive my course of action. They attempt to overrun my logical and very rational thought processes. They tempt to derail me from what i believe and know to be true.

‘Mischief-makers’ they are sometimes.

i can relate to that portion of scripture where the Apostle Paul talks about the dichotomy of what you ought to do and what you actually end up doing. A seemingly losing battle between what the mind firmly belives and stands to and the almost opposite direction feelings take us.

My battleground is on the field of my soul where my flesh and Spirit war for my compliance that i may yield and follow suit.

Just obey, i say to myself.

Just obey.



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