Wednesday, December 03, 2008

i can't wait to go home for christmas...

Doesn't it sound like the opening line to some Christmas season song of some sort?

But the fact of the matter is... i really can't.
i really can't wait to go home for Christmas.

What am i saying? i really can't wait to go home period ;)
Doesn't matter if it's for Christmas, or Chinese New Year or Hari Raya (like that will ever happen)... i just can't wait to go home.

But what makes Christmas all the more special is the fact that ... everybody is around. The kids are on school holidays... church is busy with the upcoming Christmas play and the sort and even the ones who are working tend to use up all that accumulated leave before it gets 'burned' come year end.

So it's perfect timing to catch up and spend time with loved ones. To do things together. To go places together. To stay over.

And there's just something about the mood and atmosphere during Christmas don't you think?

Sure, i could be biased (cos' i am a Christian myself) but honestly, don't you think that somehow Christmas just feels 'happier'?

Maybe it's all the christmas carols playing on the radio wherever you go. Or all that frenzy about buying gifts and giving them (well, most look forward to the receiving) and not to mention all the 'end year sales' that distracts you to splurge on yourself while your at it. Or the nice warm and 'comfy' colours associated with Christmas that decorates most commercial and even some residential areas.

Or maybe it's just the fact that it marks the end of yet another year. Maybe it brings some sort of feeling of closure. An end to another chapter.
And as humans i think we all find some form of solace in that.
And with that closure... marks also the beginning of a new year... a new chapter.
And that i guess fills the milieu with a sense of hope and expectancy.
Some sense that things are somehow going to look better and brighter come the following year.

Maybe Christmas is all that.

This time around Christmas is gonna feel 'happier' for me =)
With Ling carrying our baby (a real gift from God, talk about an early Christmas gift hehe)... i feel all the more the need to be surrounded by friends and family... people we love and care about.

Joy is meant to be shared.
Good things are meant to be celebrated... together.
And what better a season to celebrate
than Christmas.

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