Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Losing my imagination?

You know when i was young(er) i used to have a wild wild imagination (in some ways i still do.. to my own detriment at times i have to add...hehe).

And it occurred to me lately that maybe some of that imagination has diminished.
i was watching the clouds to day and i realised my used ot be active imagination seemed almost hard-pressed to be conjured up.

i used to look at those 'cotton balls in the sky' and make out all kinds of resemblences of them.

They weren't just clouds.

They were dragons.
They were men on horses.
They were giants.
They were unicorns.
They were my uncles and aunts.

i could see 'things'.

But now, all i see are clouds.


i've got to start using my imagination more ;)

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