Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's the final countdown!

FIVE more days to go!!!


i realised the other day that it's almost been 3 months since my wife and i went back home.
Oh my gosh! That's practically equivalent to a lifetime! (okay, maybe i'm exagerrating a little... but you get what i mean...hehe) ;)

i'm nothing short of absolutely excited. i've got so much on my mind and my heart that i want to do, see, buy, meet and eat ;)

Definitely want to spend most of the time catching up with family and loved ones. Over meals i reckon (yeah! the typical Malaysian style of which i'm a firm propagator..hehe)...

Also, gonna take the opportunity to do quite a bit of shopping and scouting around... especially for ling and the baby. Get an idea of the potential costs involved and work out some sort of 'ball-park' budget ;) Probably gonnae even start buying some maternity clothes for ling (there's usually a pretty good sale come year end so might as well capitalise on it) ;)

Ahhh shopping - another of my joys =)

*notice the number of 'smileys' i'm using in this particular blog. Gives you an idea of just how ecstatic i am about the prospect of going back*


And there's so much to look forward to for Christmas.
Massive Christmas musical production.
Dinners and lunches.
Going-out and hanging out.

Too bad i've only got a week or so.
But what a week it's going to be ;)

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