Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i see now...

ok ok ... i get it now.

yes, 'LOST' has finally, in this third installment in the series, proven to me that it is well capable of raising more questions than producing answers.

there were quite a few of the original 'mysteries' that were yet to be explained while introducing a rather numerous amount of new intrigues.


having said that i found it hardly exasperating... in fact it only served to raise my curiosity even more and deepen my motivation to get to the bottom of what in the world is up with that island! And perhaps even more so... its inhabitants!

My only hope is that at the 'end' of this entire series it doesn't turn out to be some lame anticlimactic end.

Now, that would be a MAJOR put off.

so yup, i haven't lost 'faith' yet.
Season 4... coming up ;)


IvJoy said...

wow.. you got season 3 already??
geez.. i'm forseeing myself doing a 'LOST' marathon on 1st May.. maybe it even 30th April.. haha
will let u know when i nid the S2 Cds.. ;)

Dr V said...

just let me know sis ;)