Thursday, April 02, 2009

ok i think i'm 'hooked'

yes, yes... my wife got me the second season DVD box set for my birthday and i've been watching it ever since.
Finished it yesterday in fact ;)
Yup. i'm 'hooked'.
i'm anxious not so much with knowing what's going to happen next but more so with what the overall picture is... what the whole 'mystery' is (and all the little ones intertwined in it).
The second season was in my opinion filled with far more unexpected twists and turns but at times felt a bit wearisome what with the sometimes too often necessary (at least i felt) recaps from the previous season.
Also, i think that this season had a lot more 'weight' to it.
The incidences and issues that the characters seem to be dealing with could very well be interpreted to pay reference and act as a metaphor for the bigger issues that we face day to day.
Like the whole 'pushing the button' thing...
i mean, to me, it stands for the almost perpetual tussle we face with regards to the fine line between faith and fact... and whether the things that we do out of 'faith' is really of any consequence or are we simply misplacing a sense of meaning and purpose to an otherwise insignificant and otherwise 'illogical' act.
And i think while the 'direct' references to the specifics may be subtle... the themes in this season weren't.
Faith. Religion. Science.
These were some of the more prevalent overarching concepts that seem to hold the storyline together and i couldn't help but wonder if the creators were either 'poking' fun at some of these ideas as they apply to real life or sincerely addressing the very real questions that people face with respect to them.
Season 3 here i come....

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Driems said...

.... you'll be lost season 3 onwards :P