Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Talking out of their #$%

As i suspected the recent 'concern' over the whole issue over doctors 'napping' while on duty was totally unfounded and discredited as 'inaccurate'.

Sure, when i first read about it in the newspaper i did entertain the possibility of such behaviour(you got to give people the benefit of the doubt) especially since doctors too are 'human' and as such, like any other job... there perhaps will be a few 'slackers'.

But, i knew that this was a typical case of a person without ANY knowledge of what was really going on or how the system works, making a grievous assumption perhaps even motivated by an over-inflated, hardly justified and terribly misplaced idea of self-importance. I dare say maybe even self-serving and attention-seeking more than anything else.

As a doctor myself i was (and perhaps still am) personally enraged.
Thank God for the sense of some people to conduct a proper investigation into the matter and clarify things in the open.

The person who made the public complaint (more like accusation) should in fact in similar fashion make a public apology for his rash, ignorant and immature response to the given situation.

People will always complain once there is an opportunity and avenue to.
Some are founded and motivated by a sincerity to effect some positive change.
Some are simply for the sake of complaining and venting out their frustration for venting out sake.

And yes, the public has every right to complain... cos' we as civil servants serve the public, community and nation at large.
Nevermind that people don't have a full understanding of the conditions, challenges and limitations we operate under.
Nevermind that people hardly are thankful when despite such circumstances we 'save' lives.
Cos' we don't function based on or motivated by all that.
If we did... well, there perhaps won't be any government doctors anymore (maybe that's one of the explanations for so many being lost to the private sector).

i just feel if there's going to be a place to complain... well then... let's make it 'fair'.
i want to complain about patients too.

People think that doctors are rude and insensitive and uncaring.. and like i said, perhaps it's true in certain instances and amongst certain individuals. We're all human.

But as i said, we're ALL human.
Patients can be rude, insensitive and unreasonable too... sometimes even more so.

So tell me, where do i complain?!


maelstrom said...

People tend to overlook the fact that his driver hit someone if he made a big hoo-hah about idling doctors.

revolutionarmy said...

don't worry bro, i'm with the doctors