Monday, April 06, 2009


It's tough to deal with reality when it actually 'kicks in'.

Sure, we 'know'... but do we... really?

Sure, we want.... but do we... really?

Sure, we mean it... but do we... really?

The words of the bible and the principles they stand for are pretty simple to recall.

But 'simple' and 'easy' are two very very different things altogether.

It's 'simple' to say that we should trust God irregardless of what happens cos' His ways are not our ways.. etc. etc... but is it therefore 'easy' to do it?


In fact, we spend our entire lives learning some very 'basic' and 'rudimentary' things.

But then again, are they really all that 'rudimentary' seeing that to learn them requires a lifetime dedication?

Is trust, obedience, love really all that 'simple' after all.. or are they the 'higher' virtues and qualities that we aspire and mature into?

On paper per say it's easy to write and read and perhaps even 'comprehend' them.

'Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength..'

'Love thy neighbour as thyself...'

'God is love...'

'Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church...'

'Be holy, as I am holy...'

'Simple' words but hardly ever 'easy'.

Especially when those very words 'come to life' so to speak and are challenged and put to the test in the various circumstances of our day to day living.

Really like that 'test' and 'exam' that we're so accustomed to in school... where despite whatever or how much we think we 'know' the subject... it instead really shows from our actual test results doesn't it?

ok, perhaps that's a bit of an oversimplification but you see the similarities right?

*and here i digress...

i sometimes 'smile' to myself when i hear the 'encouraging' words of 'bystanders'... well meaning and good intentioned... who witnessing the 'plight' of the affected individual, repeat the 'simple' words as if the person himself did not know better.

'Trust God Vinod'

'Just be patient Vinod'

'God knows best Vinod'

And my favourite still is when they give you an 'insight' which to them seems all so profound when in actual fact it only peels at the very superficial veneer of all that you have already been dealing with and going through...

'God is testing you...'

'God is moulding you...'

'Maybe there's a lesson for you to learn here...'

'Believe in Him Vinod... look at it as God's will for your life'

or worse still when they claim to 'empathise' and 'understand' when it's obvious that they can't possibly.

And it's not like i haven't had my fair share of 'tests'.

It's not like i'm this naive and inexperienced child that cries at every instance of difficulty.

It serves as a reminder to me too as i go through some of these 'tests' of how and how not to respond to the 'plight' of others.

How to be careful not to assume or presume...and yet be sincere with my feelings and honest in my experience...and loyal to the Truth.

While it may be 'simple' it sure isn't 'easy'...

*ok coming back...

So yes.
i look at some of the stuff i've been through and am still going through and it's a realisation that i have to remind myself about... that this is when truth becomes TRUTH.
This is when knowledge becomes KNOWLEDGE.
This is when we really KNOW what we know.
This is when we become men of our word and not just men of the word.
This is when the rubber hits the road.
This is when reality kicks in.
This is when 'life' happens.

And so i grit my teeth and brace myself for the 'ride' as i remember that the lessons of life are hardly ever learnt from the pages of a 'book' per say or in the safety, seclusion and sterility of the 'classroom'.

It's learnt 'out there'.
It's learnt in the being and the doing.
It's learnt in the visceral experiences and applications of the complexities of life.

Life is about getting our hands dirty and dealing with the bumps and bruises along the way.

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