Sunday, May 03, 2009

i've 'Lost'

See, i thought i had a knack for coming up and guessing the most outrageous twists and turns in a plot or story.

In fact, it was kind of thrilling to be able to 'figure out' what were the possible outcomes... who murdered who... what's gonna happen next... solve the mystery.
i mean, i guessed the ending to 'The Sixth Sense' for crying out loud!
So ya, i think i have quite the intuitive mind and a wild imagination to boot...

But i have met my match.

'Lost' Season 4 was as 'out there' as you could possibly get. i mean talk about really thinking out of the box. i have definitely a renewed respect for the writers/creators of this quintessential mystery cum sci-fi series.

Sure, some people perhaps have tossed their hands in the air in surrender in the face of what seems to be an intensely and intricately weaved plot intertwined with often more questions than there are answers.

And yes, it does take quite the toll on the mental faculties of a person just trying to 'keep up' and 'make sense' of all that is going on both from a microscopic as well as macroscopic view... but hey, to me, that's where the appeal really lies.

This is one of those series (not that there are many that i can think of) that definitely doesn't attempt to insult the intelligence of its audience. If anything, it does quite the opposite... challenging those who watch to 'stretch' their boundaries of logic and reasoning and imagination way more than perhaps what we're usually used to.

My only hope (which is what i have been telling myself all this while since the Season 1) is that, this better not end in some terribly disappointing and abrupt, lame and 'surprisingly' unintelligent conclusion to the series.

i mean, with all the fantastical ideas they have been playing around with through the series, the writers better have an even more astounding and climactic end.

Otherwise, i (like many perhaps many millions more) would be severely disappointed and would have loss our 'faith' in the genius which is 'LOST'.

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revolutionarmy said...

i love 'Lost' too! Still keeping up with it... I don't follow any other series btw, only 'Lost'.