Thursday, May 07, 2009


Yes, i am being terrorised.

By a bird.


Given the fact that i perhaps do have an exaggerated fear of the avian creatures, this particular bird is just doing it's best to make it worse.

i was 'attacked' yesterday on my way back from the hospital, walking back home.
i think i was probably in the vicinity of its nest or something cos this bird (whom i'm guessing is like the mom or something) went all 'berserk' on me.
i was minding my own business, oblivious to my surroundings when i suddenly heard and 'felt' an uncomfortable series of squawks to close to my head for comfort and when i looked up i saw the bird doing like a nose dive on me and then gaining altitude again before doing another nose dive right at me.
i ran but it chased me... and well.. after i was perhaps a 'safe' distance from what i think was its nesting grounds or tree... it aborted its plan of assertive action.

And yes, the entire episode repeated itself in the evening despite me using an entirely different route home.

That bird is 'terrorising' me!

Now i know by this time most of you are laughing your heads off at me and my illogical fear... but let me tell you when you have a creature (no matter the size) attacking you motivated by sheer self preservation and protection of its young.. you tell me if you won't be terrified.

So now my wife sends me to the hospital and picks me up later.


IvJoy said...

i'm sorry..

Driems said...

dude, walk with an umbrella :P

Dr V said...

ya i considered the whole umbrella thing but then i had this terrible image of the bird being 'trapped' under it in it's attempt to 'attack' me...

the thought frightens me all the more ;)