Wednesday, May 27, 2009

finally evidence of 'intelligent' life forms...

The Ministry of Education has finally put a stop to the ridiculousness of students taking more than 10 subjects for SPM.

Now, i didn't sit for SPM (so perhaps i have relinquished my right to give an opinion on the issue...still).

But i have been very aware of the trend our SPM has been taking with more and more students taking more and more subjects.
Frankly, i think it's silly and depicts the depravity of our education system to sieve out deserving and 'bright' students.

Quantity can never make up for quality. And perhaps even more so in the case of students choosing all kinds of subjects just to make up the number they're aiming for (20 subjects?? like hello!).. it only proves how directionless, distracted and disillusioned our emerging generation of 'bright' minds are.

This does not in any way diminish the 'value' of the accomplishment. 20 A1 is a big deal. But then the more important question is why 20 subjects in the first place? The other bigger question is are our exams therefore 'tough' enough?

i mean, the fact that it's even possible for quite a number of students to take more than the necessary subjects and ace all of them ...somehow brings our examinations credibility into question doesn't it?

No foreign country is gonna take results like 20A1s seriously (at least in my opinion). It raises a lot of questions with regards to the 'standard' of our exams as well as the motivation of our students.

i haven't even touched the whole area of education being more than just 'scoring' in exams yet.
What kind of community do we want to raise up?

People who have read a lot about life but know nothing about it?
People who have 'know' a lot about art but can't really appreciate it?
People who just can't communicate nor socialise with others?
People who can't understand the value of teamwork nor leadership?

perhaps... it's a good thing to put a cap on the number of subjects... but better still, if it translates to higher quality education and therefore examinations.

But then again, what would i know....
i didn't sit for SPM kan? ;)


Ellie said...

Dr V! I saw this and immediately thought of you. Hahahahahaha. Check this out :

Dr V said...

i know right! almost exactly what i went through.. only that the crazy bird that attacked me kept on at it.