Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

i finally watched the much acclaimed, multi-award winning and pretty controversial "Slumdog Millionaire" with my wife yesterday night.

And yes, it's good.

What can i say... i'm a sucker for happy endings ;) (hope i didn't give too much away)

One of the many things that really captivated me was the fact that the movie was directed by some Caucasian dude.

i say so because the movie was shot with such an authenticity and sincerity with such depth and insight that it was almost unbelievable that a foreigner (and a Caucasian at that) could capture the essence as well as subtleties of India.

Some may say that the depravity is an exaggeration.
i tend to lean towards the contrary.
If anything (given that i have only limited experience and that too limited to areas like Bihar and the like) i think the reality is far worse.
Truth beats fiction hands down.

The child actors in this movie really made the film in my opinion.
i imagine that it's no easy task working with child actors and so to see such fantastic performances all round by them was not only a very pleasant surprise but a testament to their sheer talent and flair for acting.

Perhaps the fact that the cast were mostly 'unknown'...it made the movie all the more 'raw' and 'fresh' and therefore believable and 'down to earth'.
All the more 'close to home'.

This is one of those movies that typifies my stand that great Oscar winning movies don't have to be 'arty' (in the most superficial sense of the word) and melancholic and obscure... but rather can be 'feel-good' and warm and sincere and most of all... inspiring.

The fact that my wife liked it.... well... let's just say my wife has impeccable taste ;)

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