Sunday, May 10, 2009

so i'm not the only one ok...

i was waiting for my wife to pick me up from the hospital the other day (yes, i was serious when i said that she would be helping me)... when i suddenly heard a guy screaming in the field just opposite the accident and emergency ( the field between the hospital and my current home in the quarters).

And yes, he was being 'attacked' by the terrorist too ;)

There was a bunch of guys playing soccer in the field when i guessed one of them got within the bird's 'territory' and as such was victim to its antics.

This time it was kind of peculiar being the third person watching the whole episode unfold.
It gave me a clearer picture of how things looked (and more so how i looked) during the whole thing.

However the response of this guy was way different as compared to mine (and unfortunately so i might add).

i think after the somewhat 'traumatic' experience, he perhaps realised how maybe silly he looked in front of his fellow football peers and so 'macho-ness' kicked in (although like i said earlier, the fear was very justified considering the circumstances).

So he and another one of the guys took a stick and a football shoe bag and sort of tried to intentionally 'entice' the bird into attacking them so that they could whack the bird in return.

The efforts were to no avail but that didn't stop them from trying to aim for the nest as well.
i guessed that bird really 'ruffled' his feathers (pun intended).

Thankfully it didn't seem apparent that any harm was caused.
The guy vented out his frustration and showed the bird who's 'boss' and went on his way.

Me... well... while looking at the whole 'drama' and particularly how the guy responded... i was glad that i didn't walk down that same road and go all 'berserko' on the bird.

An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth is just barbaric and uncivilised to me ... especially when, well let's be honest, it's just a bird for crying out loud.

i mean although the bird perhaps had no 'business' disturbing the peace... but what would happen to the little ones it's trying to protect should it really fall prey to the hands of people or persons like that 'footballer guy'.

Would its death really be deserving of its 'attack'?
Would the suffering of its offspring be justified thereof?

There's no such thing as an eye for an eye...
Humans would rather have the whole head instead.

We're not fair and just by nature.

So ya, maybe i wasn't the 'macho' one but hey....maybe i was the more thoughtful one.
The bird should be thankful for 'cowards' like me ;)

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