Wednesday, May 06, 2009


i was reluctant to watch this movie for awhile now even though a few of my trustworthy 'movie-critic' friends gave it the thumbs up only because i had a feeling that it was gonna be one that would play with my heartstrings just a little 'too' well.

And i was right.

Again, the child actors did a more-than- splendid job of setting the tone and establishing the foundation of the story and the mood thereon in.
The portrayal of friendship was so beautiful that in itself it was enough to make you cry.

And as i thought.. as the story progressed ...tears were not stinged upon.

i mean you have literally got to be made of stone if it doesn't make you feel weak in the knees and at times nauseous in your stomach.

Look out also for the 'men' in this movie in general.
There were quite a few that i felt were inspiring in their portrayal of honour, sensitivity and loyalty.

Come to think of it... this is perhaps one of those 'movies-that-can-make-you-cry' that's actually tailored more towards men.

So yes, to all the 'guys' out there... if you need an opportunity to feed your 'soft' side and let your heart grow a size a two... well, watching this movie may do just the trick.

And ladies.... if you want to see if your man has a heart at all in the first place... well, watch this movie with him and see how he reacts.
If at all ;)

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