Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Complacency in ignorance

Lately i have been stirred to break away and move myself from being comfortable with my 'not knowing'.

There are definitely instances where we should come to terms with the fact that there are things that are just way beyond our capacity to understand and for that matter control. And with regards to some of these perhaps 'bigger' matters of life i think it's even healthy to be able to let go and resolve ourselves to 'faith' and 'trust' in a God who definitely KNOWS and knows way better.

But sometimes... if we're not careful, our increasing ease with 'not knowing' can spill over into areas where there should be a drive to 'know'.

In fact, even in matters of faith, there has to be an element of knowing as much as we can and should. Otherwise, it's just plain laziness.
Taking things for granted.

The responsibility to build ourselves up and equip ourselves lies solely in our hands. While the outcome of taking such responsibility in our pursuit of knowledge may be entirely in His hands, the choice and follow-through lies solely in ours.

We should not take 'i don't know' as an answer anymore. Especially to ourselves. We owe it to ourselves, to the people around us, to our nation and most of all to our God, to know.

i am trying therefore to no longer be satisfied with my ignorance.
If there's a matter, an issue, in which there are aspects of which i am lacking in my knowledge then i should (and i want) to know more about it.
i want to fill in those gaps.

Sure, we can't know everything.
But that shouldn't be the excuse for not knowing 'anything'.

Ironically, i feel that people who are comfortable with their ignorance almost never admit to it.
They always have some excuse like "it's not relevant to them" or "it doesn't interest them".
i think it's time we be honest my friends with our ignorance. Say "i don't know" by all means but please, let's do something about the fact that we don't know.

Being in denial of our ignorance just aggravates the depravity of our mind and being all the more.

i think all this has stemmed forth from my relatively recent realisation of just how much of a paucity of knowledge i have with regards to issues that matter... current affairs... government... healthcare systems and the like.
In my 'learning' and getting myself acquainted with various related events and the details concerning them.. i've discovered just how much i still have yet to discover.
It's opened my eyes to my still 'underdeveloped' intellect.

Of course it's not about just pursuing knowledge for pursuing knowledge sake (although i'm not so sure there's such a thing). And it's not about gaining more power by gaining more knowledge (you know the famous phrase). And it's the least of all about 'showing off' just how much of a 'brainiac' you are.

It's about developing your personhood.... maturity.
It's about increasing your effectiveness and efficiency as an individual to the society (and that includes the Church of course).
It's about ultimately using your 'talents'... and all that God has blessed you and i with... cos' in itself we give Him glory (to love God with all our heart, MIND, soul and strength).
It's about putting ourselves to 'better use'.

i know God says He will use the foolish to put to shame the wise.
But i don't think He means those who are comfortable and complacent with their 'foolishness'.... cos' those kind of people fall in the category of the 'unprofitable servant'.
And we all know what happens to him...

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