Monday, May 11, 2009

Didn't see that coming...

Yes, our Malaysian political scene is not short on drama at all.

i was more than surprised when i received The Star sms updates on my phone stating that the high court ruling was that Nizar was the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak.

Talk about a turn of events.

i mean with the recent clout surrounding the fracas at the state assembly... well.. to be frank, things weren't really looking too good for the pakatan rakyat. And with the whole crisis being as drawn-out as it was, i feel the public (well, at least me) was getting tired and weary with it all. There was a sense of perhaps 'let's just get it over and done with'. Maybe even the initial fervour for what was 'right' and 'constitutional' also began to wax and wane especially in the light of a seemingly never-ending tussle of who's who and who's where and who's doing what.

i also think it's ironic that the Prime Minister himself (no offense to him) who was insistent on a quick and speedy resolution of the 'crisis' now has to deal with perhaps the 'unexpected' outcome of actually having the court rule against his party's favour.
And in typical contradictory political fashion, is now in the process of appealing the ruling made by the court.

Perhaps the idea of getting on with 'life' and serving the Rakyat took a real backseat when it was revealed that the 'opposition' would be in power instead (so to speak).

But to be fair to the PM (cos' i'm really more FOR what's right and just rather than FOR any one party per say)... maybe there really was not much of an option for him but to appeal the decision. You can't risk the support of your own party by being seen to seemingly 'give in' although you may know that that's the best way to go about things for the sake of the good of the state, nation and Rakyat.

A big kudos to the judiciary for proving itself unstirred and unmoved by the political atmosphere created by both sides of the divide. It has proven itself 'impartial' and in so doing renewed our faith and hope in its role and function.

i'm still far from having a thorough insight into the intricacies of the law, judiciary and government in our country but i do have to say that my interest has been piqued all the more.

let's see how the 'story' unfolds from here on in...
it's bound to beat any work of fiction for now ;)

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