Sunday, May 17, 2009

still got it ;)

yesterday night i was part of a 3-on-3 interchurch basketball 'competition' and yes, our team won!

considering that we only 'practised' twice and i personally have played basketball only a handful of times this year (i'm almost always oncall and if not been more interested in trying my hand at badminton)... i think we really did well.

Most of all was that we played as a team, won as a team and kept our cool and conscience clear throughout the competition.

You know how it can be with these kinds of 'contact' sports (trust me i've had my share of bad experiences.. even in 'church' organised events) and therefore i'm very thankful that it all went well.

Personally, i think i've matured as a player.
Sure, i'm older and my stamina is not what it used to be (playing 5 games straight is no joke).. . but what i did notice is that i played without getting 'emotional' (as i have had a history of doing so before).

My insightful wife said it's because i've matured as a person.
Again, thank God for that.

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