Saturday, May 23, 2009

talk about anticlimax...

Just when i was thinking that our country's politics and judiciary were making some very positive progresses... the Court of Appeal unanimously decides that Zambry is the rightful MB.

Talk about a conflicted judiciary.

The message that seems clear through all this is that our Constitution is very vulnerable and open to interpretation and misinterpretation... that there is still yet a lot more progress to be made in the 'maturing' of our judiciary and political process... and that yes, our leaders have yet to 'get it'.

It's embarrassing that in this ridiculous tussle for 'power' the people and persons and parties in question have lost sight of the grand scheme of things and the much higher purpose to which they were given the responsibility to be in power in the first place... in service to the 'rakyat'.

Hopefully they remember that the 'power' they have is a power given... by the people... and if they don't wise up soon...
Well, there's always the next elections to drive the point home.

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