Monday, February 02, 2009

Absolutely fascinating

i think it’s an absolute wonder how people can come up with melodies and lyrics to accompany them right off the top of their heads.

i mean talk about creativity and being original! Can you possibly get more inventive than that? i honestly don’t think so.

Amongst the various art forms, music has got to be one of the most outstanding (at least in my opinion… and I’m hardly the music enthusiast). 

i mean how does someone come up with something that not only sounds different but is pleasing to the ear and relates to the soul.

Most if not all of the other art forms make use of what’s already there.

Paintings are mostly based on something that’s seen either at present or sometime or other. Even if it’s imagined, surely there’s some point of reference isn’t there (if we’re absolutely honest with ourselves)?

Sculptures needless to say are about the same.

Even sketches, plays and the like make use of various points of reference… usually permutations of a myriad of experiences and things that the writer himself has been exposed to.

So essentially these art forms are just exagerrations and alterations of ‘stuff’ that’s already there. Twisted copies if i may be so blunt to call them.

That’s not to say they’re not beautiful and breathtaking in their own right.

Still, music is different.

Where’s the point of reference?

i mean you don’t hear songs when you’re walking through the park or you’re working at the office or your lying in bed (unless you have your radio or iPod or something of the sort turned on). 

And if you say you’re point of reference is other songs… then you’ll just end up producing something that sounds just like them… not even a twisted copy but just a copy.

Ya sure, you may have influences and all that but bottom-line the finished product (especially the really good ones) sound like nothing anybody has ever heard before.

Maybe my fascination is more pronounced because i don’t have a musical background at all. i’ll embarrassingly admit that i’ve actually tried to ‘compose’ a song (more like come up with a tune) some time before and it was one the most difficult things i’ve ever attempted to do! No joke!

It bewilders me. Just where do these songs come from?

Does God in His good pleasure suddenly drop these tunes into peoples heads straight down from heaven?

Is it a mere stroke of genius?

Enlighten me… somebody.

Having said that, i guess it's pretty obvious that i have the utmost respect and admiration for those among us who are 'song-composers'. My hat's off to you ;)



Enoch said...

It used to interest me a lot too, and I never really gave the whole "talent" idea a thought until I bought this book just a couple of weeks ago:

I'd say it's completely changed the way I view people's talents - I'm more in favour now of the idea that it's actually the result of long-term conditioning. A combination of guidance during early years, determined hard work and maybe the right situations and influences to produce what eventually becomes a top performer.

Although I'm thoroughly convinved, I haven't really figured it all out enough to reconcile giftings with my opinion now... but I'm working on it. :)

Do check out the book if you can, bro. Next time you're around maybe I can tell you more, or maybe just lend you the thing. Even if you don't subscribe to the idea, it's certainly good discussion. ^^

Dr V said...

will definitely look it up some time or other bro ;)

always open to discussion ;)

revolutionarmy said...

Dr V, while I believe some song people just come up with a tune idea off their heads. I think musicians certainly refer to alot of stuff too, like other music, sound, noises... If painting is about the eye, then music definitely has to do with the ear but both has to do with heart and soul as well.