Sunday, February 15, 2009

it's about time...

i've finally decided to make it a point to learn to type the 'right' way ;)

all this while i've made do with just my own style of typing which isn't too bad but pales in comparison to the proper technique.
i guess it was easy to make excuses for myself before but i finally gathered the courage to grit my teeth and make the conscious effort of typing the right way ;)

it's definitely a handy skill to say the least and in view of all the future work i foresee myself doing on the computer (even now the the load is growing)... it's going to really be a valued skill.

besides, it looks 'super-cool' when you're able to type at the speed at which you're thinking... or almost ;) and on top of that without looking at the keyboard!

if that's not a good enough reason, i don't know what is ;)

sure, my hands are hurting from all the previously 'unused' muscle groups and it's taking me way way longer too...
but hey,

no pain, no gain ;)

p/s: i wrote this whole thing 'properly' ;)


Driems said...

you mean all these while you were using 2 fingers only? :D

Dr V said...

action la you!

Anonymous said...

haha! way to go dr.v
im sure u'l look like james bond wen u type using all ten fingers and without lookin at the keyboard...

cherry :)