Sunday, February 22, 2009

true patriotism

i just finished reading Zaid Ibrahim's book and yes, i'm inspired ;)

i've already had a certain level of respect for him after reading some of his replies and viewpoints in the newspaper not too long ago.

But, after reading his book (which is actually more like a collection of his letters and articles previously published)...

my respect and admiration for him and more so what he stands for has been renewed.
His sense of justice and 'fair play' as well as sincere interest in the virtues and higher principles of law pertaining to democracy and freedom are noteworthy to say the least.

Through his writings it becomes increasingly apparent that he really has a sincere and passionate sense of patriotism... in that he really desires to see this country progress, in all aspects and to grow to become the mature thinking society and nation that we should be.

It's definitely inspired me to look at and consider the issues facing our country more seriously and with more sincerity.
It's sparked a similar sense of patriotism to see and contribute to this country's development in more ways than just economically.

This is our country and perhaps it's about time that we step up to the potential and possibilities of making this nation all that it can be...
a vibrant economy,
a centre of research and technological advancement in the region,
but perhaps most of all, a mature and intellectually developed nation that's exemplary in it's pursuit for peace, understanding and unity in it's diversity.

here's hoping...

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