Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Go fly kite!

Hehe ;)

yesterday i finally fulfilled my long-kept desire (well, actually only over the past few months after noticing kites flying in the sky everytime i walked home from the hospital) of flying my very own kite! =)


of course, at first it was pretty embarrassing since i attempted to do so right outside the compound of my house, where there literally was no wind... and all i could find myself doing was run around in circles trying to get my kite to go up when all it would do was come crashing down right after ;)

*vinod shakes his head at the sheer recollection of how silly he looked!*

To which, after numerous attempts, my dear wife out of sympathy suggested that we go to the beach instead.

Thank God for her brilliance and compassion ;)

*vinod recalls how his wife was shaking her head and smiling while doing her best to keep herself from bursting out in laughter at the sight of her dear husband making quite the fool of himself*

It was wonderful!
The beach really is the best place to do this sort of things ;)
And wasn't it just oh, so therapeutic!

Nothing like seeing something 'dancing' in the sky to it's own apparent tune... unaffected by the hustle and bustle below... nonchalant and naive of the 'forces' that it's actually subject to up there amidst the clouds and birds of the air.

Bold, yet beautiful.


so to those who've never ever indulged themselves in this 'gem' of a past time (you know who you are...hehe)
i say,
Go fly kite!


1 comment:

IvJoy said...

who that is ah?!?! hahaha
i wan to go too..
after sooooooo long.. since childhood?? :P
but at least i ever lor.. kan?