Thursday, February 05, 2009


Now i'm probably not the best person to give an informed analysis of the current political climate of our country especially since my interest and awareness have only recently been awakened ever since our not too long ago elections and the wave of political change that has followed suit (and is still going on...)
Seriously, what's with all these defections and 'party-hopping'???

Frankly just as a matter of basic principle i find it embarrassing. It only proves the level of maturity or should i say the lack thereof of our political leaders and representatives.
Everything appears so self-centred and ego-driven.

Where's the sense of responsibility?
Where's the sense of representation?
Where's the sense of accountability?
Where's the sense? (period)

i mean when these individuals were elected into power i believe they were not just given the opportunity and privilege to hold their respective posts only because of their individual personal traits but more so for the vision of the group or political party they represent.

And they're supposed to believe in that cause and call to a collective effort themselves (i mean, they joined the party out of their own free will right?).

It's pretty obvious that the contrary is true.
The only agenda on these individuals minds are but to serve their own interests.

i mean come of it...
As it is the world is facing an economic meltdown and every country is bracing itself for the brunt of what may come... and here we are, still playing the game of who's in who's team!
It's ridiculous!

If anything, the current challenges that we're facing as a nation especially in the light of the vulnerable and frail global economy should only drive us to focus our efforts collectively towards tackling these very impending predicaments and prepare in advance and as best as we can for the betterment of our people and nation as a whole.

But here we are... jumping parties like it's a game of hop-scotch!
So i guess instead of securing ourselves in the face of economic instability our leaders are just planning to add to it by shaking our already rocky political boat!

it's not just a betrayal to the party they represent but a betrayal and insult to the citizens of this country who voted and had their trust invested in them!

i pray that in due time (in fact sooner than later) our leaders will find in themselves the wisdom and courage to look beyond themselves.

i pray let the original purpose and intentions that these leaders had as they started out (i'm sure they all started out well intentioned) be revived in it's sincerity, integrity, altruism, honour and nobility especially in the face of such trying times across the globe.

And i pray that they remember that the power they have is a power given...
given by the rakyat... and so may their decisions and actions be becoming of that privilege and responsibility entrusted to them.

My lowly 2 cents.


Tshing Teng said...

That's why I gave up talking about politics!

Dr V said...

i feel you man ;)