Thursday, February 05, 2009

A big door closed in the form of a small technicality

Well, the Ministry of Defence finally got back to me (ya, i know, you've probably forgotten i ever applied right?)... after much probing/prodding on my part (the end of year holidays coupled with the recent Chinese New Year break definitely didn't make it any easier)...

And their answer is NO.

Reason: i don't have SPM BM

*vinod slaps his forehead in disbelief*

And this too in the light of a recent statement by our Prime Minister himself urging the public to consider a career in the military in view of their desperate need of manpower.

Looks like beggars can be choosers.

On a much more positive note:
At least it's clear which direction God wants me to go in (or not go in for that matter).
He does know best ;)
In years (or maybe even months) to come, i'll look back on this and smile and thank God for closing this 'door'.

i can't help but 'laugh'


Enoch said...

Again, short-term thinking overrides long-term benefits. *sigh*

I work mainly with public sector customers, so I meet this kind of thing regularly too. Sonotfun.

At least it's something that's definite and you can now focus on other things. ^^

Dr V said...


nana said...

you wanted to join the military?!?

Dr V said...

see i told you it was that long ago that you'd forget!