Sunday, February 08, 2009

So i'm supposed to do WHAT exactly???


So judging from how this whole issue of me having never sat for SPM and in particular SPM BM has been revealing it's ugly head every now and then i decided to give it another go and see if i could sit for it.

i figured, maybe the last time i went through the ardous process of trying to get it sorted out and they (as in the Ministry of Health) turned around and finally said i don't need to sit for it and should sit for another BM proficiency exam that they conducted (which i did sit for and passed) ... maybe they got mixed up and left me with the short end of the stick.

So here's what i did.

i called the Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Labuan and found out, with a sincere intention to apply and get this problem over and done with.

The lady who picked up was quick to reply that the forms won't be out till March and that i could apply then and sit for the 'July' paper... only that now it's no longer termed as such but rather it's called a 'REPEAT' paper.

To which, me, using my God-given common sense replied, "Well, i didn't sit for SPM at all. Can i still sit for the REPEAT? Would it be a problem?".

She paused and said she'd check.

A minute later she asked me how old i was (don't know what that has got to do with it).

5 minutes later she comes back and tells me that i can't sit for just the SPM BM paper since i've never sat for SPM at all. Instead, she gives me the option of sitting for at least 6 subjects of SPM to be able to sit for the BM paper! (actually come to think of it that's about exactly the same response i got the last time i inquired while i was back in KL..only that it took them much longer to give me a definite answer)


You mean i practically have to sit for the entire SPM (i think 6 subjects is the bare minimum right?) to be able to sit for the SPM BM paper???!!!

So the Ministry of Defence denies me my application based on the fact that i don't have an SPM BM credit and now the Ministry of Education says i have to sit for the entire SPM to be able to even qualify to get the SPM BM credit... and the Ministry of Health asked me to sit for an exam that seems to have no particular use or bearing elsewhere (whether it even has a bearing within the Ministry of Health has yet to be definitely determined too)!

Thanks but no thanks.

Have i ever mentioned that i'm 'amazed' at just how beautifully our government system works sometimes?

*vinod rolls his eyes as far back as he possibly can*


nana said...

LOL!! and you speak malay WAYYY better than i can (AND i sat for 10 subjects for SPM).

you should bring me in as a test subject for evidence.

Dr V said...

hehe ;) thanks for the vote of confidence =)

IvJoy said...

you think you need some of my youths to give you tuition classes for the REST of the 5 subjects?

simply ridicule

Malaysia BOLEH BAH!!
(a sabahan-malaysian)

Dr V said...

haha ;)
well, last resort if it comes to that i might actually need it! ;)