Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yes, yes, i am so backdated.. i know ;)

i've heard all kinds of 'stories' about 'Lost' the series that i guess it made me pretty reluctant to take it up and follow.

Especially since, apparently, there were 'issues' somewhere through the second or third season with regards to disgruntled fans feeling exasperated with all the mysteries that appear to lead nowhere...

Having said that, irresistible deals like 50% off the second original dvd box set proved a sufficient impetus to move me to giving it a go anyhow.

And to my pleasant surprise i might add.

Yup, initially it seemed that it was gonna be one of those long and draggy series that have more than it's share of subplots to cope with... but then in no time i found myself getting immersed with the development of the respective characters and the overall progress of the character ensemble.

With more than a few twists (although some of which i managed to guess beforehand) and a dash of dry wit and 'black humour' here and there mixed in with a generous amount of emotional undertones... the story is well worth following (at least for now) ;)

Yup, i think 'Lost' ain't that bad at all and i dare say that i'm looking forward to the seasons to come.

p/s: To all those who are just itching to tell me some of the 'secrets' that have yet to unfold since you're probably way into the series compared to me... i say.. please, hold your tongue ;)

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IvJoy said...

if u have season 2.. let me know..
hehe.. watched season 1 looooooong time ago