Friday, March 13, 2009

what am i? your doormat??

ok i know i'm sometimes vague with who or what particular circumstance i'm referring to but in this case i really can't reveal the specifics.


i don't quite know how to put it into words but there are some people in 'authority' that directly concern me that are using and abusing their 'power' to their own ends!
To the detriment of those under, around and in any way related to what they do and the decisions they make!


today was another incidence (which i shan't go into detail) but basically there was an issue of shrugging off responsibilities that the person in question himself/herself volunteered to take up.
And not just any responsibility mind you but... lives... lives are at stake.

i had to put my foot down and make it clear that i'm not going to be at the receiving end of somebody else's responsibilities (irregardless of who or how 'big time' they may be)... as it is i've got more than enough to deal with on my own and more than appropriately so.

but now i guess i've made myself 'vulnerable' to the person(s) fancies.
i may/may not get what i deserve because he/she happens to be the person with the power to make the decisions as to whether i get/don't get them.

i may/may not move beyond where i am because again the decision is in the hands of the said person(s).


i know i need not fear.
My conscience is clear.
My reasons are solid.
and most of all... My God is for me (He's far far more 'BIG TIME' than all these kuci-rats)!

yet, i'm upset with the injustice.
With these people thinking that they're invincible and that somehow the 'rules' don't apply to them or even that they make the 'rules'.


i take comfort in the fact that God is my shelter and my rear guard and my avenger.
i take comfort in the truth that "we reap what we sow"... and boy oh boy... these people sure are going to reap!!

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